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We Remove ‘Tension’ from International Removals!

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Want to Move Goods to Another Country? See You Sparrows at Your Service!

The task of moving your goods and valuables to another country is a monumental one because of all the formalities involved in it. From going over the paperwork with the customs of the two countries involved to arranging for a cargo truck or ship or plane for moving the goods to another country, the tasks are all very tiring and very time taking. Many people actually don’t move goods with them when they move to another country because of the difficulty involved. However, with See You Sparrows at your service, you shouldn’t have any problems in shipping your goods and valuables to the country you want!

See You Sparrows - For all International Removals and Shipments!

See You Sparrows is an international shipping and removals company which offers the most complete package to the clients. We will cover everything from taking the goods that you want to move to another country from your possession to delivering them to the place you want in the destination country. It’s a smooth process completely. Whether you want to send a big gift to your friend abroad or want to move your household items when you move to another country, See You Sparrows will prove the best service out there for you!

See You Sparrows - What we can mean to you!

Our international shipping and removal is recognized all over the world. The features that have helped us achieve this reputation are:

Fantastic Rates

International shipment is no simple task and requires a lot of paperwork while moving cargo is never cheap. However, we make our best efforts to keep the costs down for you as much as possible.

Professional Service

Our customer service is well-renowned for the professionalism that is shown. From handling your complaints to solving even the minutest of problems, we will do it with the utmost respect for you!


Regular Updates

We will keep you updated with the status of your shipment at all times. You can track it through our website so that you would know just when to expect the delivery to be made.


Travel Insurance

We would insure everything so that even in the case of an unforeseen event, your shipped goods remain safe and reach your destination safely.  

 See You Sparrows - What we want to accomplish!

Our mission and goal here at See You Sparrows is further defined below and explains what it is that we want to accomplish. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure that every shipment and every removal is done with the utmost efficiency. We go out of our way to ensure that every item is delivered before the estimated time and is delivered in the same exact shape as it was handed over to us!


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to make life as easy for our customers as possible and this is why we take care of everything from picking up the goods to be shipped or moved to delivering them on the exact location as requested!